February 15 2017

Drainage Pipe Construction Design and Processing of the Emergency Overflow Discharge Authorisation of San Andrés WWPS

In November 2017, we submitted the Drainage Pipe Construction Design and Application for Authorisation of the Emergency Overflow Discharge of the San Andrés WWPS (Wastewater Pumping Station) in the Municipality of Arucas, Gran Canaria, to the Gran Canaria Island Water Council.

The purpose of this project is to comply with the Order of 13 July 1993 approving the instructions for the pipeline discharging from the land into sea, which determines that the point of discharge must be located 200 m from the coastline and more than 2 m deep as it is near a bathing area.

Not only must this Order be complied with, seawater must also be prevented from entering the WWPS, as it currently does. That’s why we’ve designed a new chamber next to the WWPS containing a non-return valve.

You can obtain more information and download our project datasheet with drawings and interesting details from our “Projects” section.