November 02 2016

Supervision and Inspection of the Urban Renewal Project of Colón

Through the SISTEMA INGENIERIA branch in PANAMA, the firm, together with the company LCC Ingeniería, has been awarded PROJECT SUPERVISION, INSPECTION AND MONITORING services for the supply of materials, labour, equipment and management for design studies and construction of infrastructures and buildings as part of the COLÓN URBAN RENEWAL PROJECT.

365cbbeb75c31fbc6a0922069982f5fbOn 11 May, 2016, the Ministry of Housing and Land Planning of Panama (MIVIOT), decided to award Public Tender No. 2016-0-14-0-03-LV-009712 to the LCC–SISTEMA INGENIERIA Consortium by means of Decision No. 205/2016.

The construction project amounting to $537,924,310.00 was awarded on 7 July 2015 to the Nuevo Colón Consortium comprising the Brazilian construction company ODEBRECHT and the Panamanian construction company CUSA.

This is one of the most emblematic projects undertaken by the current Government of the Republic of Panama, and it consists of:

  • The complete renovation of the urban infrastructure of the city of Colón.
  • The restoration of historic buildings and sites of national interest.
  • The construction of 5,000 housing units.

Colón, the second city of the Republic of Panama, is the location of one of the main ports on the American continent and in the world. It is also the entry point to the Panama Canal, an interoceanic route between the Pacific and the Atlantic for more than a century that has recently been enlarged.

The works will be the following:

  • Reviewing project designs, calculations, specifications and drawings.
  • Inspection and technical supervision of the construction.
  • Ensuring project quality control.
  • Monitoring the environmental mitigation measures plan.
  • Monitoring compliance with the health and safety plan.
  • Financial monitoring of the project.

This project will require a multidisciplinary team of over 20 specialists, who include:

  • Specialists in civil engineering, architecture, hydraulics, structural engineering and electromechanical engineering, who will be responsible for reviewing the project design and monitoring construction.
  • Specialists in occupational health and safety, quality control and environmental consulting, who will be responsible, respectively, for overseeing compliance with safety, quality and environmental mitigation plans.
  • Specialists in laboratory testing, topography and geotechnics, whose role is to check that the construction company conducts tests properly and to perform appropriate tests to compare and verify that the project’s topography is correctly implemented.
  • A resident engineer who will coordinate all the supervision of the technical side of the project. This engineer will be helped by field inspectors, a position held by civil engineers, architects and electromechanical engineers.