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The subject matter of this Terms and Conditions of Use document is regulation of browsing and use of this website as well as legal issues related to its content, which directly affect users. The user is understood to mean any natural person or legal entity that has access to this website, browses it or uses any service contained in it that is the property of the owner of this site.

Browsing this website implies immediate acceptance of this Terms and Conditions of Use document. By using this website you acquire the status of user of the site and agree to comply with and follow the provisions of this document.

Users must use this website for their personal and private use, diligently, in compliance at all times with current law and in accordance with proper conduct, and may not use it for activities that could injure the property or rights of SISTEMA INGENIERÍA, other users of the site, their suppliers or third parties, including altering, damaging or permanently disabling networks, servers, products and services. Use of this website by users for commercial purposes is prohibited.

SISTEMA INGENIERÍA may cancel and/or block your access to the website without notice if you fail to comply with the provisions of this document or if it suspects that your activity constitutes an offence or crime.

You may only use this website for your personal and private use. Users are prohibited from using it for commercial purposes.

Users shall refrain from making use of this website for illegal purposes or without authorisation, and also from engaging in behaviour that could cause damage or problems in the functioning of the website or of electronic devices of third parties, as well as from using the website to distribute malware, computer viruses or malicious code, collecting personal data of third parties, breaching the security measures of the website and any other action that impedes access or browsing or could damage electronic devices.

We do not guarantee the availability or correct functioning of the application nor the total or partial functioning of the services, and any liability towards the developer for harm or damage in this regard is therefore excluded.

SISTEMA INGENIERÍA may suspend the service without prior notice for technical, maintenance or updating purposes in order to make improvements or solve problems.

SISTEMA INGENIERÍA accepts no liability for any harm or damage of any kind arising from errors in the functioning of the website, lack of service, incompatibilities with devices or other applications or software, possible viruses or damage suffered in devices due to downloading from or using the website, illegitimate intrusions caused by third parties unrelated to SISTEMA INGENIERÍA, delays and errors, as well as inaccuracy, in the information supplied, or problems arising from telephone and Internet services that prevent it from providing the service or cause it to do so inadequately.

We reserve the option of changing this legal notice together with the terms and conditions included in it at any time. You can consult the terms and conditions on the website, as they will always be available for viewing by users. We advise you to consult this document from time to time to keep informed of possible modifications that could affect you. Similarly, we recommend that you also read the Cookies and Data Protection Policies, which you will always find available on our website.

On our site you can find links to other websites via buttons, hyperlinks, banners or other similar means. These are purely for information purposes and there is no connection between the owner of the site and such websites. These websites or tools belong to third parties and are outside the scope of our control and of this legal notice. For this reason, the owner of this site accepts no responsibility for any matter related to those pages or services.

This website contains links to social media belonging to third parties (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) of which SISTEMA INGENIERÍA is only a user and which are outside its control, and it therefore accepts no responsibility for the use that users or third parties may make of them, nor for any content that may appear on them that has not been published or shared by SISTEMA INGENIERÍA. Nor does it accept responsibility for the privacy provided by these platforms, their functioning or availability, comments and shared content, opinions or use for distributing malware or viruses, among other practices. SISTEMA INGENIERÍA may exclude users who contravene the provisions of this document from these services (insofar as the service allows it).

Users are responsible for their security configuration in these media and for any content they may register in them, and we therefore ask you, for your own benefit, to check the security and privacy of these services.

Establishing a link to this website is permitted provided that the page or medium that includes the link does not have any illegal content or purpose and does not contravene public order, reproduce the content of the SISTEMA INGENIERÍA website or make use of that content in a way that is malicious or damaging to SISTEMA INGENIERÍA or to third parties. In no case is SISTEMA INGENIERÍA responsible for the actions of the owners of websites or media that provide a link to our site.


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In the event of any dispute arising directly from the SISTEMA INGENIERÍA website or from other elements of its presence on the Internet, such as social media, Spanish law will apply and the courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, will be competent to resolve litigation related to them.