November 05 2012

Drafting of the Layout and Construction Design of the Puerto del Rosario–La Caldereta Road

The Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Land Policy of the Government of the Canary Islands has awarded the “Drafting of the Layout and Construction Design of the Puerto del Rosario–La Caldereta Road, Island of Fuerteventura” to the joint venture comprising SISTEMA INGENIERIA, GIPIC, SUBTERRA and EVALUA after a public invitation to tender.

The structure to be designed consists of a highway of regional interest to link the Caldereta–Corralejo section of the new FV-1 highway under construction with the Puerto del Rosario bypass, the FV-3, and its extension and continuation with the FV-2.

The road is approximately 16,500 m long, with two 3.50-m lanes per traffic direction and shoulders of 2.50 + 1.

Five new junctions will be designed: La Caldereta, Guisguey, Puerto del Rosario North, Playa Blanca and the Airport. FV-3 junctions with the FV-20 and FV-10 will also be redesigned.

Around eight grade-separated junctions are planned. The highway will start where the works currently being completed (Caldereta–Corralejo) end and continuation should be possible. Also to be studied is the relocation of the junction with the FV-102 road, planned as part of the highway under construction, which will link the current FV-1 with La Caldereta.

A new corridor of around 8.5 km will be defined. It will fulfil the above-described objectives and link with the Guisguey road (FV-214) and the Puerto del Rosario North area, which will require a slip ramp with the current FV-1 junction with the FV-3. Consequently, special attention will be paid to urban forecasts, above all, the central road in the General Puerto del Rosario Plan.

The carriageway of the current FV-3 (Puerto del Rosario ring road) will then be widened for about 4 km. Existing junctions will be studied and remodelled to have an optimal design in the correct location in accordance with current highway layout regulations. This will affect the junctions with the FV-10 (Tetir junction) and with the FV-20 (Casillas junction). The continuation of the FV-3 to Playa Blanca must be designed with a new FV-3 junction (Playa Blanca junction).

Later, in accordance with the Insular Plan, a new route of about 4 km will be constructed to the point where it links with the current FV-2, with the highway planned to continue to Pozo Negro.